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The Difference between Body Spray, Eau de Toilette, and Cologne

There is a silent commotion in the world of fragrances, particularly on the terminology used to define the type of fragrance and its differences. Indeed, what differentiates a body spray/mist, Eau de Toilette, and a cologne? Truth

A Brief Review of Eros Versace for Men

Gianni Versace had always been keen on Greek mythology; the materialization of which as clearly seen on the fashion brand’s logo – the goddess Medusa herself. To continue this tradition straight out of the brand’s conception, Eros

Why Guys Should Wear Cologne

It is quite an odd question, isn’t it – given fragrances aren’t exclusively for women. However, a great amount of people still wonder, why a guy should wear cologne. The answer to that, if it isn’t too

Why Spray Cologne on the Wrists?

At one point in your life, your mom might have taught you to apply cologne on your wrists. This may have never bothered you before, but now that you’re older, it does become quite a curiosity, doesn’t

How to Apply Cologne for its Maximum Effect

You can never be too enthusiastic in wearing fragrances. One rule to make achieving the maximum effect of a cologne is: LESS IS MORE. Applying way too often doesn’t do the trick. The secret to having a