How to Apply Cologne for its Maximum Effect

You can never be too enthusiastic in wearing fragrances. One rule to make achieving the maximum effect of a cologne is: LESS IS MORE. Applying way too often doesn’t do the trick. The secret to having a long lasting scent is to apply it in areas of the body where it the fragrance would intensify without having to bathe on the cologne.

Here are some tips on wearing cologne and achieving its maximum effect.

Wear Cologne in Appropriate Occasions

Wearing cologne everyday sure is acceptable, but make sure not to overdo it. Wearing cologne at work is fine, but be aware of your body’s natural oils. Wearing too much might cause a commotion and could trigger allergies. Be subtle.

On special occasions like weddings, parties, night outs and the like – these always calls for wearing a cologne.

Apply Cologne on the Pressure Points

The pressure points are the areas of the body where blood vessels are close to the skin. These are your wrists, the area behind your ears, the back of your knees, your chest, and the base of the throat. Applying fragrances in the area will make the scent more prominent, even with a few sprays.

Don’t Mix Cologne with Other Smells

Some scents don’t go well together. See to it that products like deodorant, lotion, or aftershave complement with the scent of your cologne. Better yet, choose some products that hardly have a smell at all, in order to preserve your cologne original scent.

Use Cologne Sparingly

Do not be too overly enthusiastic in wearing cologne! Spraying it several times a day is never a good idea, since your own sense might have gotten used to the fragrance already, making you think it has completely worn off. Always remember to keep it light.


The idea is to apply cologne in subtle amounts and in the right areas. Do these and you’ll achieve your fragrance’s maximum effect.