The Difference between Body Spray, Eau de Toilette, and Cologne

There is a silent commotion in the world of fragrances, particularly on the terminology used to define the type of fragrance and its differences. Indeed, what differentiates a body spray/mist, Eau de Toilette, and a cologne? Truth be told, what classifies one from the other is actually the amount of alcohol or water used to dilute the oils used in making fragrances.

Body Spray

Among the three, the body spray contains the least amount of alcohol and has less than 10% of fragrant oils. Because of the fact that a body spray is mostly water, it can be sprayed anywhere in the body, including the hair or clothes.


Eau de Toilette

If you want a stronger and a scent that will last throughout the day, Eau de Toilette would be the perfect choice. Among all three however, this one is the most expensive since its scent is close to the original Eau de Parfum. Because of its rather attention-seeking scent, an Eau de Toilette must be used sparingly.


Out of the three, cologne contains the most alcohol. A cologne is the one that is applied in our pulse points – behind the ear, the base of the throat, and the wrist. This is perfect for hot weathers since it feels quite refreshing and can be applied frequently.

One’s choice depends on preference and of course, budget. Buying an Eau de Toilette will definitely make you shell out some extra cash, but you’d get the benefit of a long-lasting scent. If you aim for a friendlier scent, go for a cologne – it is not that expensive but it is your next best bet should you want a fragrance that will last quite long. If you’re aiming for a budget friendly fragrance, however, go for the body mist. Although not long-lasting, a body mist isn’t quite bothersome, especially to people not keen on strong scents.