Why Guys Should Wear Cologne

It is quite an odd question, isn’t it – given fragrances aren’t exclusively for women. However, a great amount of people still wonder, why a guy should wear cologne. The answer to that, if it isn’t too obvious, is to smell better. A guy who wears cologne is always inviting and gives the aura that he cares not just for himself, but to everyone else he’ll acquaint himself throughout the day.

Cologne – Not Just for Women

While the ladies are quite notorious when it comes to fragrances, men who wear perfume actually exist. The reason why is not only to conjure love, but to make an impression to anyone he meets. The sense of smelling is regarded the most powerful and with this fact, it is just highly relevant to use it to make an impression. Scents have a way of triggering nostalgia and bring forth memories even from what seems like ages ago. This may be strange,  but it is all true.

To be fragrant doesn’t mean one aims to be womanly; in fact, the notion that colognes and perfumes are merely for women should have been abolished by now. The law of attraction doesn’t only apply to seeking a partner in life – it compels all aspects of life as well.

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Advice for Men in Wearing Cologne

Less is always better. The truth is, the scent of your cologne depends on your own natural scent so don’t buy a cologne because you happened to smell it from a dude at work. What smells good on him might not have the same effect on you. Regardless, subtlety is your friend. When it’s hot, use less. When your skin’s oily, use less. Use a cologne that’s citrus based during the day; and use a heavier, woodsy scent at night. Don’t bathe in it – never let your enthusiasm overpower you. Check for collection of versace cologne buying list.

So why should dudes where cologne? Simple – to make an impression.