Why Spray Cologne on the Wrists?

At one point in your life, your mom might have taught you to apply cologne on your wrists. This may have never bothered you before, but now that you’re older, it does become quite a curiosity, doesn’t it? So why the wrists of all places?

Two words – Pulse Points.

The pulse points are the parts of your body where blood vessels closest to the skin are present. These are the spots that emit heat, which in effect makes the scent more prominent since it is being surged up into the air.

The wrist isn’t just your pulse point. Other pulse points include:

  • the base of your throat
  • the area behind your ear
  • your inner elbows
  • behind the knees
  • cleavage


Apply cologne in these parts and your body heat will emanate the scent more.

Albeit the benefits of applying fragrance to the pulse points are irrevocable, wearing cologne anywhere else on the body could also work. One good suggestion is applying fragrance on the hair. Some experts believe that this will prolong the scent of the cologne.

As much as you can, try not to spray cologne on your clothes. Experts believe that the scent could interfere with the fabrics in clothing, which will cause the fragrance to be distorted. Also, some fragrances can stain clothes.

Another tip on wearing cologne is to keep your skin hydrated. The scent of a cologne stays longer when the skin is moisturized. To do this, make sure to drink lots of water or use a lotion to keep the skin hydrated. Make sure the scent of the lotion complements your cologne as well.

The scent of your cologne reacts on your body chemistry as well. It is possible that similar colognes have a subtle difference in scent in two different people. Regardless of your application, make sure to test it first before wearing it in public. You wouldn’t want the scent to bother other people, would you?